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ReFLEX Orkney offers 100% renewable, affordable electricity through a fixed tariff that is only available in Orkney.

Our affordable electricity tariff is delivered by our electricity supplier Shell Energy.

The rates are some of the lowest on the market and could offer you significant savings compared to the standard variable tariff, especially if you have been with the same supplier for a while. You’ll get a smart meter and if you have an electric vehicle you can charge your car from home at a significantly cheaper rate than public chargers.

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ReFLEX Orkney Tariff

The ReFLEX Orkney tariff is an affordable fixed electricity tariff at some of the lowest rates on the market. The tariff provides electricity to your home and is also appropriate for households with electric vehicles.

The tariff is supplied by Shell Energy from 100% renewable electricity generation like wind, solar and biomass, and is certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin.

This means that all of the electricity you buy from us is matched with the equivalent amount of units from 100% renewable sources in the UK.

In spring 2021, we will also be launching a service to install domestic batteries and solar with a tech tariff to go with them.

Reflex Orkney Tariff

Reflex Orkney Tariff

This tariff is one of the most competitive currently available in Orkney and could potentially save you a lot if you have been with the same supplier for a while. Our offer includes:

  • A flat-rate unit price of 17.22p/kWh.
  • A standing charge of 36p per day.
  • One-year contract.
  • Accessible to customers with restrictive metering (THTC type set ups)

Try our tariff calculator below to see how this compares to your current tariff.

Tariff Calculator

To calculate your estimated electricity bill on the ReFLEX Orkney tariff, simply input your annual consumption in kWh (you can find this on an electricity bill).

Annual consumption (kWh)
x 17.22p
Standing charge (daily rate)
x 36p
ReFLEX Orkney annual electricty bill*
(£0 per month)
*final pricing will be provided by Shell Energy

The make up of your electricity bill

We think our rates are some of the best on the market. What do you pay currently? Get in touch if you want to switch.

Sign up

Once a ReFLEX Orkney member, to access some of the lowest rates on the market, you will need to get in touch with the ReFLEX team directly.

  • The details
    • Flat rate tariff. A flat rate means that the ‘unit price’ does not change throughout the day.

    • Fixed price. Our tariff is a fixed for the life of the contract. So the unit price and standing charge stay the same throughout your contract.

    • Smart meter. Our tariff comes with a smart meter and in-home display which allows you to easily track your electricity consumption.*

    • Accessible. Our tariff enables customers with restrictive metering / dual metering (THTC type set ups) to switch away from existing suppliers. If you are one of these customers, the switching process may take a little longer than usual but the tariff has been designed to be accessible to you. Please advise the customer service teams if you fall in to this category.

    • 14 day cooling-off period. If you sign up and change your mind you can cancel at no cost. If you decide to end your contract early, after the cooling-off period, then you may have to pay an early exit fee of £30.

    • Local tariff. Our tariff is only available to Orkney residents with a ReFLEX Orkney membership. The information your smart meter provides to the ReFLEX Integrated Energy System helps us understand how energy is used in Orkney and how we can provide affordable energy while reducing carbon.

    • Do you live in the outer or inner isles? Check out our Isles residents factsheet for info on accessing ReFLEX Orkney's services where you live.

    * A technical assessment may be required to determine if your home is suitable for a smart meter.

Smart meters

Smart meters

  • The new generation smart meter, SMETS 2, is often included as part of the installation process for ReFLEX Orkney Tariff customers.

  • Automatic meter readings means your meter readings show your exact energy use and your bills are accurate.

  • An in-home display lets you see and learn about your energy use.

  • The smart meter will continue to work if you choose to change supplier in the future.

  • We will replace older smart meters.

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