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We are working to decarbonise Orkney by making products like electric cars and smart chargers more affordable.

Our team is here to work with individuals and island communities to understand how you use heat, electricity and transport and how ReFLEX can help.

Services that outer and inner isles residents can sign up to today

  • ReFLEX Orkney membership. Learn more and join for free here.
  • Co Wheels car club. A short walk from Kirkwall and Stromness ferry terminals.
  • Electric vehicle leasing and used sales. You can lease new and buy used to get an electric vehicle more affordably.

Test driving and lease vehicle collection takes place in Kirkwall. You can also watch videos demonstrating our five test models.

Services that require extra consideration

Preliminary checks will test the suitability of these services at your location. If installation can proceed, we will work with you and our installers to determine a time frame, logisitics and cost.


  • To access the grant schemes there is a requirement that your home has an internet connection. A survey would need to be carried out at your home to determine the suitability of your home for the technology.

  • You may need a grid connection application, arranged by the installer. This could add a few months to the timeframe for installation.

Affordable installation

While there can be additional challenges to delivering services to the more remote areas of Orkney, this is a key aim of the project.

Our surveyors and installers visit Westray, Sanday, Stronsay and Hoy monthly, and we can look at grouping surveys and installations on other isles to make it as affordable as possible. Installs outside the Orkney mainland could incur additional costs associated with installers time and travel, but our aim will be to keep costs down which may mean it takes a little longer.

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