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ReFLEX Orkney aims to significantly increase electric vehicle use in Orkney because they are more affordable and greener to drive and repair.

To support this effort we have discounts to make leasing electric cars and vans even more affordable with special rates on certain models exclusive to Orkney residents, with an offer that includes replacement vehicles, enhanced warranty, and easy trade-in.

You could save between about £1000 to £1800 on the market rate for a new car lease depending on the model.

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ReFLEX Orkney discounted electric vehicle models

From November 2021 the ReFLEX Orkney discount is available on select models of electric vehicles for lease through our leasing supplier DriveElectric. This selection focuses on vehicles that have been most popular in the first year of the project and gives Orcadians a variety of sizes, ranges and prices to chose from.

You can still lease any of the vehicles on DriveElectric’s website through ReFLEX Orkney, but you can only get the ReFLEX discount on the models shown below.

  • The details
    • Drive green, save green. Electric vehicles are already more affordable and greener to drive and repair than petrol and diesel cars. ReFLEX Orkney offers a rare opportunity to save even more.

    • Choose from selected vehicles offered by our supplier DriveElectric. The ReFLEX discount is only available on the models listed on this webpage, but you can lease any vehicle shown on DriveElectric's website. When you take a look remember that the discounted ReFLEX Orkney leases cost less than the prices shown on their website.****

    • Below-market rates only available to Orkney residents that will save you money on a new car lease.

    • Lease prices include VAT.

    • Leasing is managed locally in Orkney by Jonathan Porterfield of Eco-cars, who has been supplying electric vehicles to Orcadians for many years and is working in partnership with ReFLEX Orkney’s experienced electric vehicle suppliers, DriveElectric.

    • Grant-supported. The ReFLEX project grant funding is available for select models and is being used to support the affordable electric vehicle leases offered to Orkney residents.

    • FCA-regulated lease agreement. All leases will be managed by our experienced electric vehicle suppliers, DriveElectric.

    • Two to four-year term. Leasing on a personal contract hire basis.*

    • Exclusions apply including:

      • Insurance. All leases require full comprehensive insurance when you collect your electric vehicle and for the duration of the lease.

      • Ferry booking costs. You will be asked to pay for the ferry shortly before your vehicle is transported to Orkney at a cost that will range from approximately £150-£180 including VAT depending on the vehicle.
    • Our current discounts will be available for a limited time and grant allocation will decrease over time due to how the grant funding for ReFLEX works. **
    • Telematics - An integral part of the Orkney energy system. ReFLEX vehicles may be set up with a telematics device, to monitor the battery and performance information so it can be used as a flexible energy storage asset within the wider integrated energy system of ReFLEX Orkney. This is key to the research aims of the project to decarbonise Orkney. If your vehicle has one you will be able to have an app on your phone, so you can see the data too. For further details on data use in the project please see our privacy notice.

    • Do you live in the outer or inner isles? Check out our Isles residents factsheet for info on accessing ReFLEX Orkney's services where you live.

  • Additional benefits that come with your lease:
    • Easy trade-in for your existing diesel/petrol or electric car or van.
    • Replacement vehicle during servicing.
    • Enhanced warranty cover specific to Orkney.
    • Financial support with the installation of your ReFLEX EV Charger in the form of a contribution towards survey and installation costs.
    • Longer-range vehicle access for up to two weeks a year. No need to worry about your electric car or van range for long-distance trips to other parts of the UK.***
    • Access to demonstrator electric vehicles.
    • Support and guidance to potentially buy your electric vehicle at the end of your lease.
Electric vehicle bundles

Electric vehicle bundles

Save money and further reduce your carbon footprint when you combine your electric vehicle with:

  • A smart charger. Fast, convenient, flexible charging at home if your have off road parking. We'll arrange installation and help you apply for grants that cover a significant amount of the cost to install a charger, and we'll make a contribution towards survey and installation costs too.

Book a test drive

Book a test drive

Book a local test drive once you've signed up for membership by contacting us:

We have a selection of small, mid-sized and premium electric vehicles available for test-drive in Orkney.

Test drive an EV

Our supplier

* Your lease will be a Contract Hire Agreement. Excess milage and vehicle damage charges other than fair wear and tear may be payable. All contracts are subject to terms and conditions as detailed in the Contract Hire agreement. Early termination fees may apply if you wish to end the agreement early. Administrative fees and charges for delivery, including ferry, will apply.

REFLEX Orkney Ltd is an authorised representative of Fleetdrive Management Ltd. We may receive a commission for introducing your business. ‘DriveElectric’ is a trading style of Fleetdrive Management Ltd which is a credit broker, not a lender, and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA ref. 678978. Vehicles shown are for illustration purposes only. All offers are subject to change at any time and are subject to finance approval and vehicle availability. All prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated and are correct at date of publication.

** ReFLEX reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit the availability of the ReFLEX lease rates and also to limit the discount available on certain makes and models at any time.

*** Access to a longer-range vehicle for long-distance trips to other parts of the UK will be subject to availability, and include a daily charge and insurance excess.

**** Exclusions may apply.


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