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If you need a home charger for your electric vehicle and you live in Orkney then ReFLEX Orkney can help.

We can install smart chargers for off-road parking and help apply for grants to cover some of the cost. Smart chargers can charge your electric vehicle more than twice as fast as a three-pin plug. If you have microgeneration at home, such as wind or solar, this can be integrated to work with the smart chargers. Through the mobile app, they enable you to monitor and schedule charging in a way that is convenient. They also connect to the ReFLEX Orkney’s FlexiGrid platform which means we can gather insights into how chargers interact with the local electricity grid and how they may provide support to the network in the future.

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Charging at home

If you have off-street parking at your home, we can install a smart electric vehicle charger.

  • Energy Savings Trust (EST) offers a grant for domestic chargers to help with up to £400 of the cost of installing electric vehicle chargers at home. Our team can help you through the application, available to:

    • People living in rural areas (this means Orkney.)

    • People who got a used electric vehicle through the EST used EV loan scheme.

  • Those who own their own flat or live in rental accommodation, as well as landlords and social housing providers are also eligible for a grant through the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

  • Before installing smart chargers we assess whether a grid application is required and can help you understand if you need planning permission.

  • We will support you through the installation process with our local EST and OZEV accredited installers.

The cost for a home smart charge point and installation varies depending on what is needed at your house and where you live. Get in touch for details on costs and grants.

Do you live in the outer or inner isles? Check out our Isles residents factsheet for info on accessing ReFLEX Orkney's services where you live.

The myenergi system

The myenergi smart charging system, connected to ReFLEX’s FlexiGrid control platform, can charge your car more than twice as fast as your 3-pin plug. If you have wind or solar at your property, zappi helps you make the most of electricity you generate onsite by integrating with your charger.

  • zappi

    7kW smart electric vehicle charger

    • 3-year warranty
    • Boost function
    Find out More
  • hub and harvi

    Communications and wireless devices

    • Remote control hub
    • Wireless harvi
    Find out More
  • myenergi app

    Monitor and schedule charging

    • For Android and IOS
    • Access your eco-home
    Find out More
  • The details on charging speeds, cables and connectors

    Electric vehicle charging cables usually have two connectors, one that plugs into the vehicle socket and the other into the charger itself.

    The type of connector you need varies by vehicle and the power rating or speed of the charger.

    • Electric vehicles have either a Type 1 or Type 2 socket for slow / fast charging and CHAdeMO or CCS for DC rapid charging.*

    • Most slow / fast chargers have a Type 2 socket - including the myenergi zappi fast charger available through ReFLEX. All DC rapid charging stations have a cable attached usually with a CHAdeMO and a CCS connector.

    • For ReFLEX charger customers, we advise that you may want to consider getting a portable charging cable which matches your vehicle’s Type 1 socket (Type 2 > Type 1 cable) or Type 2 socket (Type 2 > Type 2 cable). This will mean you can charge on public networks as well as using your myenergi zappi fast charger at home.

    * The exceptions to date are the Tesla Model X and Model S, which use Type 2 connectors for DC rapid chargers. Adapters that allow you to charge these Tesla models via CHAdeMO or CCS connectors are available.

Charging in Orkney

Charging in Orkney

  • Charging at home can be tricky if you do not have off-street parking. But don’t worry, there are more than 25 public charging points around Orkney with more to be installed soon.
  • Our team can provide you with a map of charge points and help you set up a mobile app to see where and when chargers are available.

How to charge your EV

Understand the basics of how to charge your electric vehicle at home and on the road.

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