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ReFLEX Orkney is supporting the Co Wheels Orkney Car Club, which offers EV cars for hire by the hour in Stromness and Kirkwall.

Access the fully electric Co Wheels Car Club fleet in Orkney by joining online at the Co Wheels website or download the Co Wheels App from your App store.

Membership costs

  • Joining fee: £25 or use one of two promo codes for residents or visitors (in the boxes above)
  • Monthly membership charge: £5 per month (for 26 and older) or £25 per month (for 25 and younger)

Hire Charges

  • MG4 EV: £6.50 per hour and £52 per day (plus mileage fee of 13p per mile)
  • MG5 or MGZSEV: £7.40 per hour and £59.20 per day (plus mileage fee of 13p per mile)
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  • The details
    • Pay only for the time you hire. Book a car from as little as 30 minutes up to several days, only paying for the time you hire.
    • Sign up to Co Wheels membership. Make sure you use the promo code on the buttons at the top of the page to get a free membership for Orkney residents.
    • Monthly membership fee. The cost is £5 a month for people 26 and older, and £25 per month for people 25 and younger, there's no lengthy contract to tie you in.
    • Easy booking. Book online or through the Co Wheels mobile app, then pick up your car with your smartcard from locations in Kirkwall or Stromness.
    • Insurance excess. If you have an accident and damage the car whilst it's on hire to you then you will need to pay an insurance excess fee of £600. You can reduce this to a max of £100 by taking out a Co Wheels insurance waiver policy for £60 a year.
    • No keys needed. Hiring a car is a fully-automated process. Receive a smartcard that unlocks and turns the car on once you have booked it.
    • Share a membership. Add additional drivers to your membership for £15.
    • Do you live in the outer or inner isles? Having a Co Wheels membership means if you're heading to mainland Orkney you can travel as a foot passenger and pick up the EV from Kirkwall Pier or at ORIC in Stromnes for onward travel. You can also benefit from access to Co Wheels cars in Aberdeen and beyond.

    • How long it takes to sign up to the car club. You can sign up online very quickly and nearly all applications will get processed the same day with the membership card going out by first class post. To ensure a minimum wait, make sure you complete the sign-up process and the Driver Profile information. Without that you will not be able to book a car. Overseas licences need to be taken to a post office with your passport and a verification certificate obtained. This certificate then needs to be posted to Co Wheels before they can authorise your account. If you are a tourist, make sure you join in plenty of time to allow your smartcard to reach you before leaving home.



Kirkwall: Kirkwall Pier and Sommerville Square (opposite the Great Western car park and behind OHAL apartments).

Stromness: Charles Clouston Building at ORIC. Cars are located at the ReFLEX charge points in the car park.

Look for the Co Wheels car logo on the front car doors. Find specific information about each location on the Co Wheels website.

Charging the car

Charging the car

  • Plug in for free at the designated Co Wheels ReFLEX charging bays.
  • To charge in a different location, the Charge Your Car card provided in each car gives you access to the charging point and is paid for by Co Wheels. (Fines incurred from overstaying at a charging point will be paid to Co Wheels plus an admin fee.)

  • Directions on how to use ReFLEX car chargers can be found in each car. Public charging posts have easy-to-follow instructions.

Car club tourist info

The car club can be a great option for having access to electric cars while on holiday in Orkney. You can book the cars for hours or days at a time. Our car club partner Co Wheels operate in more than 60 locations across the UK so if you join the club for a trip to Orkney, you can use it in many locations across the UK. Locations are shown on the Co Wheels website.

If you plan to use the car club for a holiday in Orkney you will need to sign up at least 2 weeks before you get here. It can take up to 2 weeks to receive your key card in the post, after signing up to Co Wheels, so make sure you register early enough to receive your card before you leave for your holiday.

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