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As part of our mission to provide access to affordable, low-carbon energy services, ReFLEX Orkney set out to deliver a funded solar & battery solution to householders.

ReFLEX will not be offering a funded domestic solar and battery solution to homeowners and the private rental market. A number of financial and regulatory hurdles inhibited the development of the offering previously proposed.

If you want to install solar and / or battery in your house, there are still opportunities to do this. The resources below are a starting point for information on the grid connection process and the Home Energy Scotland interest free loan.

Grid connection

When installing a battery or new solar panels and connecting them to the electricity grid a physical connection is required. To secure a grid connection a set of processes must first take place in order for the grid operator to ensure the grid connection is safe, as seen in the graphic below.

Application IconApplication
Offer IconOffer
Acceptance IconAcceptance
Connection IconConnection
Acceptance IconAcceptance
Connection IconConnection

To apply for a grid connection the following forms will need to be completed and sent to the network operator at:

  • Additional information on grid applications
    • The G98 form can be filled out with input from your chosen installer. Please ensure you use an MCS accredited installer, such as RS Merriman.
    • The G98 connection limits the maximum export capacity to 3.68kW, there is currently no route for larger (G99) domestic grid connections in Orkney due to grid constraints. For more details on the Orkney network and the active network management (ANM) system, read this blog.
    • Once the application has been submitted, the network operator (SSEN) will provide a response within 3 months.
    • To produce a circuit diagram you can ask an installer to include within any quote.
    • To produce a site diagram follow the steps within the example document.

Home Energy Scotland interest free loan

The Home Energy Scotland loan can fund renewable energy systems like solar and battery up to a total of £17,500.

To apply for this loan you will require a quote from an MCS accredited installer, such as RS Merriman, for the proposed work and you will need to submit an online application form. For more information keep reading or call HES to get started on 0808 808 2282.

  • Application details for renewables systems
    • Your loan can fund up to two home renewables systems for each home, to a maximum of £17,500 in total (including up to £7,500 cashback funding. You can also apply for a further £500 for a heat meter if you are installing a heat pump).
    • You can also apply for funding for an energy storage system up to a maximum cost of £6,000.
    • Cashback funding for eligible renewable heating technologies is also available. Cashback grants will be up to 75% of either the total cost of the improvement or of the funding you ask for - whichever is lower - and won’t be more than the maximum amount listed.
    • Your loan can only fund one whole-house heating system.
    • Once your system is installed you will need to leave a rating and review of your installer (if listed) on the Renewables Installer Finder before claiming funding.
    • All cashback is subject to availability while funds last or until the end of the financial year – whichever is sooner.
  • Application details for batteries
    • You can only apply for one energy storage system - for example, a heat battery or an electric battery.
    • You must either apply for a renewables system as well, or already have an existing system that it can connect to.

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