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Do you generate your own renewable electricity at home through wind or solar or plan to do so in the future?

ReFLEX Orkney can help with battery storage and integration to the electricity grid. Starting in summer 2021, we will install batteries at no upfront cost and may be able to fund solar PV when you sign up to our low-cost, 100% renewable electricity Tech Tariff. Become a member and register your interest in this offer today then someone from the ReFLEX team will contact you shortly.

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  • The details
    • Inclusive with Tech Tariff. Batteries will be available to customers who sign up to our 100% renewable energy ReFLEX Orkney Tech Tariff, when it launches in summer 2021.

    • For existing and new microgeneration. If you already have microgeneration installed, ReFLEX will be able to retrofit a battery to work with your existing system. If you do not, ReFLEX may be able to install solar PV and a battery together.

    • Custom fitting. Your battery can be fitted inside or outside the property.

    • No upfront cost. We will install batteries at no upfront cost to you and there will be no cost for the battery as long as you stay on our 100% renewable Tech Tariff.

    • Access to the FlexiGrid. SMS, a partner of ReFLEX Orkney, will remotely manage the charging/discharging cycles of your battery through their FlexiGrid software platform. This will ensure you always have electricity when you need it. It will also optimise how your battery works with the grid to save you money and make the most of the electricity you generate at home.

    • Fits with FiT and SEG. Contact us to find out more about how home batteries and the Tech Tariff will work for those on Feed-in-Tariff and Smart Export Guarantee schemes.

    • Help with grid connection. Installation will be dependent on securing a suitable grid connection offer and we will help with your application.

    • Do you live in the outer or inner isles? Check out our Isles residents factsheet for info on accessing ReFLEX Orkney's services where you live.

The batteries

The batteries

  • We will use high-quality, proven batteries from manufacturers such as Tesla and Alpha-ESS.
  • The right battery depends on your energy generation and the capacity of your microgeneration technology.
  • Options will include Alpha Smile 5 battery with 5.5 to 11 kWh capacity and a Tesla Powerwall with 13kWh capacity.

Tech Tariff

ReFLEX Orkney will soon offer a 100% renewable electricity Tech Tariff designed to work with your battery. Our electricity tariff supplier, Shell Energy, provides 100% renewable electricity across the UK.

Save money and carbon from the outset and sign up to one of the ReFLEX 100% Renewable Tariff available now. You can apply to switch at no cost once the Tech Tariff is launched and we have gone through the process of understanding your eligibility for the Tech Tariff and battery offer.

Smart meters

Smart meters

  • The new generation smart meter, SMETS 2, is often included as part of the installation process for ReFLEX Tariff customers.

  • Automatic meter readings means your meter readings show your exact energy use and your bills are accurate.

  • An in-home display lets you see and learn about your energy use.

  • The smart meter will continue to work if you choose to change supplier in the future.

  • We will replace older smart meters.

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