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Does your business generate its own renewable electricity through wind or solar or plan to do so in the future?

ReFLEX can help your business with battery storage and integration to the energy grid.

In 2021 we will provide financed offers for businesses for the installation of batteries and batteries with solar. We can cater for installations from a small single battery to multiple battery banks for larger capacity. Get in touch now to express your interest and begin discussions with our team.

  • The details
    • Custom fitting. Your batteries can be fitted inside or outside the business premises.
    • No upfront cost. We will install batteries at no upfront cost.

    • Fits with FiT. Contact us to find out more about how batteries will work for those on Feed-in-Tariff and Smart Export Guarantee schemes.

    • Access to the FlexiGrid. SMS, a partner of ReFLEX Orkney, will manage the charging/discharging cycles of the batteries through the ReFLEX FlexiGrid. This will ensure you always have electricity when you need it. It also maximises how the battery works with the grid to potentially save you money and make the most of the electricity you generate from your business microgeneration system.

    • Microgeneration guidance. If you plan to install a new microgeneration system alongside batteries, our staff can provide information on options.

    • Eligibility. The grant funding for ReFLEX Orkney means that businesses must have a premises in Orkney and/or undertake the majority of business activities here to be eligible for our products and services.  ReFLEX Orkney will, consider each business on a case by case basis.

    • Business Tariff. We will work with companies who choose to get a battery to ensure they have the relevant information when selecting the most appropriate tariff for their business.

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