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Are you interested in installing solar and a battery to reduce the amount of energy you buy from the grid?

ReFLEX can help your business with a financed solution for solar and battery installations, from design to delivery.

We’re prioritising installations of battery and solar systems up to 50kW, but we can cater for much larger installations where required. Get in touch now to express your interest and begin discussions with our team.

  • The details
    • Custom fitting. Solar can be roof or ground mounted and batteries can be fitted inside or outside the business premises. We will work with you to understand the right solution for your business.
    • No upfront cost. We will install solar and batteries at no upfront cost with repayments spread over a long-term power purchase agreement or lease model. We are able to offer competitive rates as we use grant support available through ReFLEX to reduce the cost to you.
    • Affordable grid connection. For solutions below 50kW, we are working alongside SSEN to connect these battery and PV systems to Orkney’s Active Network Management (ANM) system using the FlexiGrid platform.
    • FlexiGrid optimisation. SMS, a partner of ReFLEX Orkney, will manage the charging/discharging cycles of the batteries through their FlexiGrid platform. This will ensure you are making the most of the electricity generated locally.
    • Eligibility. The grant funding available through ReFLEX requires that businesses must have a premises in Orkney. Each business will be assessed on a case by case basis.
    • Business Tariffs. Our team can help you access the most affordable and appropriate tariff to fit with your new onsite generation and storage. Additional generation and an altered demand profile could mean you can save money by switching tariff.

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